End of an era: Taiwanese eatery Eat 3 Bowls to close first cafe at Crawford Lane

When one thinks of Taiwanese cuisine in Singapore, Eat 3 Bowls eatery often comes to mind, particularly their beloved cafe located at Crawford Lane. 

However, it’s time to pay a final visit to this iconic branch, as it will be closing its doors for good.

On Sept 18, in a heartfelt Facebook post, Eat 3 Bowls announced the permanent closure of their Crawford Lane outlet.

Besides sharing that the last day of operation is slated for Sept 24, the post also conveyed the team’s deep appreciation for the support they have received from diners throughout the years.

The news of the Crawford Lane closure garnered over 200 reactions on Facebook, with many netizens expressing their sadness about the closure.

A look back at Eat 3 Bowls

Eat 3 Bowls had modest beginnings, starting as a small hawker stall in 2017 at Seah Im Food Centre, serving authentic Taiwanese dishes. 

Two years later, they made the move to Crawford Lane. The cafe’s interior was designed to resemble a Taiwanese classroom from the 90s, complete with a chalkboard and a noticeboard on the walls, schoolbags hanging from chairs, and even a menu that resembled an exercise book. 

So what’s good on the menu? As the moniker suggests, the highlights have to be their famous three bowls: Oyster intestine mee sua, braised pork rice and chicken rice. 

Other must-try items include tofu with century egg, Taiwanese sausage, and sliced pork with garlic sauce.

For those who cant live without their Eat 3 Bowls fix after Sept 24, you can still visit their Pasir Panjang branch, which boasts a train station-themed interior.

And that’s not all, Eat 3 Bowls took to Instagram on Sept 21 to share some good news.

They announced that they’re opening a brand new store at Compass One, located in Sengkang. While details are still scarce, the post caption mentioned that the new branch is set to open this month. 

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