England chasing 334 to beat India: second women’s one-day international – live

Key events

8th over: England 52-3 (Capsey 25, Wyatt 5) Danni Wyatt blasts her first ball through backward point for four. England are going to be hammered here, but at least they are going down swinging.

Ah, apparently DRS isn’t working, so Lamb couldn’t have reviewed the LBW decision anyway. To the naked eye it does look like she was just outside the line.

WICKET! England 47-3 (Lamb LBW b Thakur 15)

Emma Lamb has been given out LBW – but I think she should have reviewed it. She walked a long way across to Thakur, missed an attempted flick to leg and was given out. However, the replay suggested she might have been hit outside the line.

7th over: England 45-2 (Lamb 13, Capsey 25) Pooja Vastrakar replaces Goswami, and Lamb laps her cleverly for four. England, Capsey in particular, are batting with the freedom of the damned.

6th over: England 38-2 (Lamb 7, Capsey 24) This is glorious stuff from Alice Capsey. She belts Thakur back over her head for four, then clatters another boundary through the covers. Capsey has raced to 24, all in boundaries, from only 10 balls. In other news, she’s 18 years old, playing in her second ODI, and she has a finger injury.

5th over: England 29-2 (Lamb 6, Capsey 16) After surviving a tight run-out referral earlier in the over, Capsey flicks Goswami classily through midwicket for her third boundary in five balls. Make that four in six: she’s just driven Goswami superbly through extra cover.

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4th over: England 20-2 (Lamb 5, Capsey 8) Alice Capsey doesn’t look entirely comfortable after hurting her bottom hand in the field, but she still belts her second and third deliveries for four.

WICKET! England 12-2 (Dunkley b Thakur 1)

Sophia Dunkley dies by the sword. She walked down the track to Thakur and heaved across the line at a ball that nipped back to hit off and middle stump. India are heading for a crushing, series-clinching victory.

3rd over: England 12-1 (Lamb 5, Dunkley 1) The new batter Sophia Dunkley is beaten by a fine delivery from Goswami, survives an appeal for a catch down the leg side and then flashes a drive not far wide of the diving backward point.

England aren’t going to die wondering. They have started very aggressively, and Lamb gets her first boundary with a pristine cover drive.

2nd over: England 7-1 (Lamb 1, Dunkley 0) Renuka Singh Thakur was the bowler; I should have said that earlier.

WICKET! England 7-1 (Beaumont run out 6)

And for her next trick, Harmanpreet Kaur ran out Tammy Beamount. Beaumont, who had made an encouragingly busy start to her innings, took a quick single to mid-on and was beaten by a superb throw from Harmanpreet. She knew straight away and didn’t even wait for the third umpire.

Harmanpreet celebrates after running out Tammy Beaumont.
Harmanpreet celebrates after running out Tammy Beaumont. Photograph: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

1st over: England 4-0 (Beaumont 4, Lamb 0) Tammy Beaumont is desperate to get after Jhulan Goswami from ball one – a required rate of 6.66 will do that to you – but Goswami is crafty enough to start with four dot balls. Beaumont gets off the mark with a pull for four, but those are the only runs from the over.

England’s highest successful runchase in ODIs is 245 against New Zealand last year. If you’re going to break a record, I suppose you might as well obliterate it. (No, I don’t give them a prayer either.)

Cheers Daniel, hello everyone. I’m struggling to find words to describe that amazeballs awesome innings from Harmanpreet, so for now you’ll have to settle for numbers:

  • India belted 62 off the last three overs

  • Harmanpreet hit 72 off her last 29 balls

  • She also hit 43 off her last 11 deliveries

In all she made 143 not out from 111 balls, with 18 fours and four sixes. And it’s not even the best innings of her career.

Righto, that’s me done; thanks for your company, and here’s Rob Smyth to ease you through England’s famous chase. Harmanpreet Kaur, but!

Deol says she’d been preparing for the series a long time, so just wanted to go out and play. The pitch is good, she deadpans, before smiling when asked about her captain, saying she’s never seen a knock like that. India have different plans for every batter and reckons changes of pace are the way to go.

England need 334 to beat India and stay in the series!

50th over: India 333-5 (Kaur 143, Sharma 15) Does Kemp go pace off? A low full toss to begin, taken for one … she’d’ve took that, except Harmanpreet is now back on strike, and seeing it in slowmo; shonuff, she makes room and caresses six over cover, then backs away and lasers four between two covers! This is so refined yet so brutal, and four more go over the top between converging fielders, chugging over from long on and midwicket respectively. We’re privileged to be watching this, people, even if we’ve got hands over eyes, and Harmanpreet absolutely devastates the penultimate ball of the innings to deep point for another four! This is sensaaaational batting, Kemp finishing with a dot but returning an analysis of 1-82 off her 10, the most expensive figures ever by an Englishwoman. welcome to international cricket! England need 334 to win, and much as I feel for Bell and Kemp, I can’t stop smiling at the ludicrous brilliance of that knock from Harmanpreet.

49th over: India 314-5 (Kaur 125, Sharma 14) Harmanpreet Kaur! Sharma takes a single, then the skip showcases wrists made of elastic wire, flicking four off her toes and in front of square, before annihilating another slog-sweep for six! She timed that so well – of course she did – and when even Eccles is getting animalled, you know the batter is on one. And yup, just HAVE AN ABSOLUTE LOOK! We are witnessing greatness here, mates, four more launched over cover – that’s the 50 partnership, off just 22 balls – with two singles completing the over. Seventeen off the over, and it looks like it’ll be Kemp to finish off. Ah, the fearlessness of youth. Good luck, old mate.

48th over: India 297-5 (Kaur 110, Sharma 12) Kemp bounds in again, but when she strays towards leg, Sharma easily flicks her around the corner for four; one ball bowled, and pressure ratcheted up. Which means it’s no surprise to see a pair of wides – the right/left combo won’t be helping in that regard – followed by a single, which brings Harmanpreet back onto strike. Good luck, Freya! Yeah, and when she goes outside off, the boss backs away and waits, then absolutely creams six over cover! Gosh, this is getting as hard to watch as it’s easy to watch, another paid of wides adding two to the total and the second squirting out of the hand in slightly painful style. So Kemp has no choice but to stop with the slower ones … but of course, Harmanpreet is waiting for her, flashing a drive to the point fence for four. Oh jeez, the next delivery is a wide too, Jones misses it and they run one; then Sharma collars fro outside off and over midwicket fo fo mo. Twenty-five from five legit … and one more, forced to cover, means a wounding welcome to the big show; dare Jones allow her the final over? And if not, who on earth is going to be punished with it? England are seriously struggling here.

A dazzlingly brilliant century for Harmanpreet Kaur!

47th over: India 271-5 (Kaur 100, Sharma 0) Ecclestone returns and Kaur looks for the favourite slog-sweep that’d also take her to her ton. But she has to change her plan when the ball arrives, forcing away one; a single to Sharma follows, then a wide. AND NOW LOOK! There’s that slog-sweep, a big stretch, front foot down, and it’s humped away to deep square for four! Harmanpreet goes to 99, then shoves to long on, and there it is! The pressure of leadership? Nah, not for her, and this has been an innings of total mastery.

WICKET! Vastraka c Lamb b Kemp 18 (India 262-5)

Freya Kemp has her maiden ODI wicket! Another slower one, this time out the back of the hand, and Vastrakar makes room but doesn’t get all of it, slapping to cover. Kemp has bowled pretty well today, so has earned that.

46th over: India 262-4 (Kaur 94, Vastrakar 18) Kemp returns, and will have to search her 17 years of accumulated wisdom to somehow tax Harmanpreet … who waits for her, leaping a little as the ball arrives to ease four away through backward point. She’s into the 90s and that ton is hers for the taking now; I’m sure there’s a bit of extra rhythm and zest in that little bat-flap she does as she waits to play, and rightly so. Anyhow, one more gives Vastrakar a go, and immediately, she canes a slower ball through extra for four.

45th over: India 253-4 (Kaur 89, Vastrakar 14) Can Harmanpreet reach what would be a dazzling ton? Well, after Vastrakar laps one to fine leg, she flips one over her head for four, then takes a big stride to create a half-volley, then lamps four through cover. This is just devastating competence: it hasn’t had the pyrotechnics with which Harmanpreet introduced herself to the world, but the extent of her control today has been no less inspiring. Ten off the over, and England are in deep, deep trouble.

44th over: India 243-4 (Kaur 80, Vastrakar 14) Yeah, bringing in Bell for Wong could be said to have gone badly, Bell ceding just three from her final over, but finishing her 10 with 1-79, the most expensive analysis in women’s ODI history. On which point, Rob Smyth, who’ll be crooning you through England’s chase, notes that 289 is the highest successful chase.

43rd over: India 240-4 (Kaur 79, Vastrakar 11) Three singles begin this latest Cross over, then Harmanpreet makes room to thrash her good mate back over her head and down to the fence for four. Oh yes, and she goes again, slamming a slower one to wide long on for four more! She is so, so good, and this has been such an innings, devastating in the precision of its measure.

42nd over: India 230-4 (Kaur 70, Vastrakar 10) Vastrakar takes one to cover, then Kaur collars a drag-down slower-ball and sends it to the fence at midwicket for four. Eesh, and the next delivery is similar, but this time the pull finds Wyatt on the fence, who dives, hurls, and saves two. A single follows, then Vastrakar opens the face at one that cramps her and it races away just by the keeper and for four. That’s 12 off the over and that 250 I said would be India’s minimum? Yeah, they’re going to get that and plenty.

41st over: India 218-4 (Kaur 63, Vastrakar 5) That was a very fine innings from Deol, who looked in almost total control throughout. But this doesn’t look the easiest pitch on which to ensconce and, right as I type that, Vastrakar shoves cross airily … and eludes Lamb at cover, just, to get off the mark with a four. A single and a wide follow, and with nine overs to go, India will be looking at another 50, minimum.

WICKET! Deol c Wyatt b Bell 58 (India 212-4)

HAVE A LOOK! Deol again looks to welly over the leg side, but this time she top-edges and Wyatt races over to take a decent catch, diving forward at midwicket. England needed that, badly.

40th over: India 212-3 (Kaur 63, Deol 58) Bell returns and Deol welcomes her to her spell in the grand style, making room to swat six over deep square! A single follows, but all that does it hand Harmanpreet the strike and she times a fine cover-drive that turns a length ball into a half-volley, earning her four. Gosh, when a wide comes next you worry for the bowler, 12 conceded and two still to come….

39th over: India 199-3 (Kaur 58, Deol 51) Cross returns and Deol takes her for one to cover, then Kaur tries to slam her over the top; she doesn’t get all of it, so they make do with a two that again comes because once she’d decided what to play, she committed to it fully. Next, she opens the face to add another brace wide of third man, and that’s five from the over. India have, at various points, threatened to cut loose, but haven’t quite managed it.

38th over: India 194-3 (Kaur 54, Deol 50) Before her last over, Ecclestone had a chat with Jones, which made me think they’d decided she should have one more. But here she is again, twizzling through a tight one that yields just two singles – the second of which, turned to midwicket, raises a fine fifty from Deol.

37th over: India 192-3 (Kaur 53, Deol 49) The partnership is now at 85, and after Deol strokes one to long on, Harmanpreet gets down on one knee and monsters Dean over midwicket for six and her third 50 on the spin. She was so quick to get down there, and once she’d decided what she was doing, she absolutely unloaded the suitcase. Them, facing the final ball of the over, Deol comes down, punches, and looks set for her 50 … until the shot hits her captain’s bat.

36th over: India 184-3 (Kaur 46, Deol 48) I’m afraid to say that, for the first time this summer, I’ve asked the umpire* for my hoody. Which is, ultimately, better than putting the heating on – though I’m braced for a long winter of domestics, as my wife feels the cold more than I do. Anyhow, back in the middle, Kaur takes one then Deol comes down … and schmeisses Ecclestone over the top for six, overtaking her skipper in the process! A single follows, and India are turning it up now.


35th over: India 176-3 (Kaur 45, Deol 41) A single to each batter, then Deol stands and delivers, carting Dean over extra for four; but the bowlers responds well, with three dots and, though India have wickets in-hand as I said, they’ve not got away from England.