European media predict Typhoon In-fa may bring ‘catastrophic flooding’ to Taiwan

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Weather conditions in the Western Pacific are strongly conducive for a tropical development as tropical storm In-fa moves towards Japan’s Ryukyu Islands.

It is gaining strength and set to severely impact Taiwan later this week, Severe Weather Europe reported Tuesday.

According to the report, the next two days will see In-fa quickly intensifying as it continues its journey west-northwest towards Japan and Taiwan.

Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) further forecasted on Tuesday that In-fa (烟花) is set to develop into a full-fledged typhoon on Wednesday by the time it reaches Taiwan.

It is expected to close in on Taiwan, and will likely be closest to north Taiwan through Wednesday night into Thursday, Severe Weather reported.

“The impact on northern Taiwan could become a serious threat, including the capital Taipeh City,” the Severe Weather Europe report read.

It continued, adding that Typhoon In-fa is poised to bring with it torrential rain, including 400 to 800mm of rainfall over the next five days in the southern Ryukyu islands as well as the northern half of Taiwan, which will likely cause “catastrophic flooding” in some areas.

However, the report also reiterated that it is still premature to make assumptions about the proximity and intensity of typhoon In-fa due to the typhoon’s unpredictability.

In-fa could either hit or miss Taiwan depending on its intensity and system organization over the next two days. It is possible that the typhoon might veer off north of Taiwan and pass through Okinawa instead, leaving Taiwan safe from the effects of In-fa.

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