A man who was critically injured while trying to stop a violent rampage that left seven people injured on Saturday (May 30)  night in Nanjing has been hailed as a national hero in China.

The 33-year-old surnamed Qiu was still in critical condition on Monday after a 41-year-old man surnamed Ji allegedly stabbed him during an attack initially directed at his ex-wife . It is believed Ji also hit multiple people with a car and stabbed two others, authorities said on Sunday.

Qiu tried to stop Ji as he fled the scene after running over his ex-wife with a car in the middle of a bustling street in Nanjing’s Xinjiekou district.


According to footage of the knife attack , Qiu, who was driving home after dinner with his friend, got out of his car to confront Ji, who had collided with a separate car while fleeing against traffic in a stolen BMW following the attack on his ex-wife.

When Qiu knocked on the car door to stop Ji’s violent behaviour, the latter stepped out of the vehicle, took out a knife and stabbed Qiu in the stomach.

Praise for Qiu’s fearlessness flooded China’s internet overnight, and people affectionately nicknamed him “Nanjing Fat Brother” due to his big size.

Before stabbing Qiu, Ji had used his own car to run down his ex-wife, her friend and a passer-by. He then ran over his wife multiple times and stabbed her friend.

As he tried to drive away, he hit one more person with his vehicle before colliding with another car. Ji stole that car after the owner ran way from the situation.

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He then hit two more people while driving away before crashing that car. Finally, Ji stole the BMW before Qiu tried to stop him. Qiu was the last person Ji injured before the police arrived and apprehended him.

Ji also sliced his own neck during the attack, an injury that has left him in critical condition as of Monday.

Besides Qiu and Ji, the ex-wife and another victim were also still in critical condition as of Monday. Three other people were hospitalised for injuries ranging from moderate to severe. Another person suffered a minor injury.

Qiu’s friend, named Anan, told Xinhua Daily , the official newspaper of the Jiangsu provincial party committee, that Qiu, “just got out of the car to do what was right”.

Many web users have sent flowers to Qiu and offered to cover his medical expenses.

Now called an “everyday hero”, Qiu was among a number of people who tried to stop the attacker, Nanjing police said.

Li Mingjie, the deputy head of the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, said: “Many warm-hearted citizens alerted the police and assisted in stopping the crime. We express our admiration and heartfelt gratitude for the courageous behaviour of the members of the public.”

This article was first published in South China Morning Post.



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