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Everything You Should Know about InboxDollars

Everything you should know about InboxDollars

InboxDollars can pay you actual money for playing games, taking surveys, and many more. Besides earning more cash at your workplace, it’s a good idea to try money making games. The good news is that there are many ways you can earn free money. You just need to find the right one that aligns well with your schedule so that you may maximise your earnings. 

You can decide to make money in your free time while not working in your day job. You should note that InboxDollars can pay you for answering some simple questions included in surveys. This page discusses everything you should know about InboxDollars. 

Understanding InboxDollars

InboxDollars was launched in 2000, and it’s an online company that offers a reward program. The company pays its members money for some online activities, such as shopping for cashback offers, playing games, and taking surveys. 

It’s worth mentioning that InboxDollars is a legit company that has partnered with some major companies, such as Netflix, Walmart, and Target. These partnerships include promotions like member-only offers, coupons, and many more. 

It’s free to become an InboxDollars member. You just have to create your account on its site. Once you do this, you can redeem special offers by visiting its shopping portal where you can access major retailers. There are various ways you can earn cash online with InboxDollars, but you need to know how they can pay you.  

You need to have about $15 in the InboxDollars account before you can request payment. InboxDollars can pay you in various ways including through PayPal, a gift card to a retailer like Amazon, check, and an e-payment via a prepaid Visa card. But if you choose either a prepaid Visa card or a gift card, there is a processing fee of $3. A paper check also attracts a $3 fee, but they can deposit this money back into the InboxDollars account.  

You can receive cash once you log into your InboxDollars account and ask for a payout. And, if you are a gold member, your payment can be processed between 3 and 9 days after your request. On the other hand, non-gold members can take at least 16 days to have their payment processed. You should note that you can automatically become a gold member when you get your first payment. If you want a gift card, paper check, or prepaid Visa, then it may take at least 2 weeks to arrive.

Earning Options

It makes sense to choose the earning options that don’t need you to spend money. One of these options is by completing surveys. Perhaps, this is a profitable way you can earn cash with InboxDollars. InboxDollars various types of market research surveys. Topics can include everything from politics, diapers, advertising, electronics, and sports. The good thing is that the company always tries to march the survey that you may be relevant to you and are likely to qualify for. The pay can vary depending on the survey. And, you can see the amount of cash you may earn before you start. 

You can also utilize InboxDollars’ search engine. But if you don’t like using Google, you can utilize InboxDollars’ search engine. The company partnered with Bing, meaning you can have the same results as you can search using Bing’s homepage. Every four searches that you make, the InboxDollars search engine gives you the opportunity to receive scratch and win prizes. Ideally, if you search for things online regularly, you can have many chances of winning scratch-off prizes or cash. 

You can also earn money by playing games. InboxDollars has more than 30 games, such as word search, chess, Sudoku, and many more. You can also decide to choose game show network games like Bobble and wheel of fortune. You can play all these games when you are free and you can join cash tournaments that give you the opportunity to win prizes. 

You can also earn cash by reading your emails. In most cases, you can receive emails from InboxDollars once you join. This means that they can send you messages about PaidEmails and surveys, which are messages that announce exclusive partner deals. While earnings tend to vary, you can still get paid for reading your emails. 

Another option is to take advantage of the Winlt deals. InboxDollars Winlt deals are just like playing hide and seek. However, instead of searching for a hidden person, you look for sweepstakes entries and extra cash. Sometimes, InboxDollars can post something on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, so you need to look for a special code. When you get the code, you may have until a specific time to redeem it using your member profile page. Therefore, you should always follow InboxDollars on these social media platforms so that you can get the codes. 

You can also earn cash by referring people. InboxDollars pays some cash when you refer people. This is also a good way you can help your family members or friends to earn some income. For every individual who signs up utilising your referral link, there is a 30 percent that you can earn of their qualified earnings. There is no limit to the number of people you may refer to or even the amount of cash you can earn. 

In conclusion, InboxDollars is suitable for any person who desires to earn some cash as a side income. You may not get rich by joining it, but it gives you the chance to earn some money that you can use to pay for some expenses. Because InboxDollars rewards you for routine tasks, such as online searches, it can be a great option for those who do these regularly. For instance, if you want to do several online searches, then you can utilise the InboxDollars search engine rather than the other search engines.

It’s also ideal for people on the go because InboxDollars has an iOS and Android app you can utilise to earn rewards. The mobile app may not have all the features like the InboxDollars’ search engine, but there are still many other things that can keep you occupied.

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