Exhausted mother boar nurses baby piglets at Quarry Bay estate (Video)

A mother boar was captured digging a hole for herself in a plant trough at a housing estate in Quarry Bay, before two baby piglets wandered up beside her to be nursed.

The clip was filmed last Sunday and published to YouTube the same day. In it, the mother boar is seen resting and closing her eyes as the piglets settle into the soil.

In a Facebook group where the video link was shared, users said there’s more where the adorable clip came from. According to a post by a wild boar concern group that was shared in the comments section of the clip, the mother boar pictured was roaming around with five piglets at Nan Fung Sun Chuen housing estate on Saturday.

Three of the piglets fell into a manhole and were unable to be rescued.

The concern group said the mother boar was “very exhausted” after losing her three piglets, and spent the next day resting with her remaining two babies, as seen in the video. As of Monday night, there was still no sight of the pigs, the group said.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said in an emailed statement to Coconuts that personnel “found a sow and two piglets near a manhole at the inquired location.” Personnel inspected the site again on Sunday and Monday and did not find any other piglets, suggesting they are still unaccounted for.

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