'F*** off lah': PMA rider zooms through 888 Plaza in Woodlands, gets told off by biker

Accepting one’s errors can be difficult.

A personal mobility aid (PMA) rider took it to a different level when a concerned biker alerted him about his reckless riding at 888 Plaza in Woodlands.

He did not accept these allegations and whipped out his phone to record what turned out to be a public altercation.

The almost seven-minute long video was posted on the Facebook group SG Road Vigilante – SGRV on Thursday (Nov 17).

At the time of writing, the clip has amassed roughly 93,000 views with over 700 netizens providing their two cents in the comments section.

The alleged reckless riding started when the PMA rider attempted to squeeze his vehicle through a tight space at speed.

Apart from honking aggressively at a bicycle, he hit a speed of 20km/h as the vehicle slalomed past a few people.

PMAs are only allowed to have a maximum device speed of 10km/h

At the drop-off area up ahead, a biker stepped in and told him not to speed.

This did not sit well with the PMA rider who claimed that he was “not so fast” as he pointed an accusatory finger back at the biker while recording this whole situation.

“I talk to you nicely just now. Why you point your camera at me [sic]?” the biker asked.

As the argy-bargy continued, the accused would not back down. This irritated the biker even more.

He snapped: “People advise, you listen. Don’t be [a] stubborn a**. F*** off lah.”

It seemed like the duo left their squabble unresolved as the PMA rider grumbled away as he scooted off.

For the most part, netizens were on the same page as the confronting biker.

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