Fahmi: 4G coverage has reached 88pc of populated areas in Sabah 

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 — The 4G network coverage in populated areas in Sabah has increased to 88.06 per cent as of the third quarter of 2022, says Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

He said this is in comparison to 73.41 per cent coverage recorded before the implementation of the National Digital Network (Jendela) plan in the second quarter of 2020.

He said in order to expand quality broadband services in the rural areas of Sabah, the government had accelerated the provision of broadband services through satellite technology which was originally planned to be implemented in 2023.

“The plans under Phase 2 of Jendela (2023-2025) were successfully completed under Phase 1 of Jendela (2020-2022) last year. It has been implemented in all the 138 locations in Sabah,” he said in a written reply posted on the Parliament’s website today.

The Lembah Pantai MP was responding to Datuk Wetrom Bahanda’s (KDM-Kota Marudu) question about the Ministry of Communications and Digital’s plans to improve the broadband network in the rural areas of Sabah.

According to Fahmi, a total of 171,554 premises in Sabah have been provided with fiber optic connections for fixed broadband services, while it was still in the process of being implemented in the remaining 79,611 premises out of the planned 251,165.

He added that 4,096 transmitters have already been upgraded to 4G, while another 27 of the 4,123 planned upgrades were still underway.

“The ministry has also erected 159 new towers and is in the process of completing the remaining 455 towers out of the planned 614 towers. All the initiatives currently in the implementation stage are expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Meanwhile, Fahmi said in order to improve broadband coverage through the provision of communications infrastructure, the Communications and Multimedia Commission had carried out quality measurements on the ground based on complaints as well as planned periodic audits for the whole country.

He said the service quality audit would continue in 2023 with the target of covering 4,000 locations nationwide including 225 locations in Sabah.

“Through the Commission Directive, service providers are obliged to improve their service quality by optimising or upgrading existing towers so that the quality of user experience remains at a good level. Non-compliance with the Commission’s Directive can result in a civil penalty of up to RM200,000,” he added. — Bernama


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