Failed crash-for-cash scammer flops around road 77 times after not getting hit by car (video)

People who are willing to risk getting hit by a car for the promise of a cash payout is not a new phenomenon in Hong Kong. As horrendous as the crash-for-cash concept is, we can’t help but be impressed by the effort this particular scammer put into selling his performance, even after he failed to get hit by his target.

The dash cam video was taken on New Year’s Day at around 2am on Argyle Street in Mong Kok. It shows the man suddenly run in front of the car and, when the vehicle manages to stop before hitting him, he jumps at it with his arms crossed in his best attempt to simulate being struck.

After that, he staggers a bit down the road before “collapsing” onto the ground where he starts to roll. 

And he just keeps rolling rolling rolling… even after paramedics stopped at the scene. In fact, commenters agreed that he rolled around 77 times (that could be seen in the video). 

According to Sing Tao News, the paramedics who inspected the man at the scene found he did not have any injuries. He was then taken to Kwong Wah Hospital but he refused treatment and left. The hospital report noted he smelled of alcohol.

The next day, the Mong Kok Police Criminal Investigation Team arrested a 27-year-old local man in connection to the case and charged him with violating the Road Traffic Ordinance for negligently endangering his own safety or that of another person. 

The arrested man has been released on bail pending further investigation and must report to the police in early February. 


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