Fast, robust and reliable: How a smart home broadband service can enhance your digital experience

Singapore residents have the advantage of having many options for broadband providers. However, it is essential to keep in mind that not all broadband services are equal. While some may just offer a basic internet connection, StarHub’s smart broadband service prioritises optimising connection speed.

With a Wi-Fi connection that remains consistent regardless of the home setup, StarHub broadband delivers a reliable, unrivalled performance so that you can work, play, and live your best digital life, lag-free.

Fast is good, but smart is better

While a fast broadband connection is often thought to be the only necessary aspect for a quality digital experience, it is crucial to have a smart broadband service that offers more than just speed.

StarHub’s broadband operates in a smarter way by transmitting its Wi-Fi signals around the walls in a home, instead of through them. This allows all devices to receive a consistent and robust connection, regardless of their location in the home, so no one has to gather near the router.

The strong signal coverage is perfect for households with multiple users, such as families where everyone has a smartphone and other internet-dependent devices. Smart home appliances, like smart vacuum cleaners and lightings, can also be placed in any room and still receive a robust internet connection to remain online at all times.

Wi-Fi that stays with you anywhere at home


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