Filipino athlete skips his way to second jump-rope record

MANILA – Filipino athlete Ryan Alonzo has set a second Guinness World Record in the high-intensity activity of jump rope, the organisation said in October.

Nicknamed ‘Skipman’, the 35-year old completed 3,731 consecutive crossovers, which are done by crossing the arms in and out while skipping over the rope as it goes around the body. The previous record was 2,405 consecutive crossovers.

Alonzo’s earlier record was set in 2021, when he performed 40,980 double-under skips in 12 hours. That involves the rope passing around the body twice in a single jump.

Endurance was a common factor in setting the two records, he said, crediting previous marathon training with helping him prepare both physically and mentally.

Jump rope, or skipping, is usually used as a warm-up for other sports but some athletes around the world engage in the activity competitively.

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