Fine wagyu goes casual at Gyu San

WAGYU lovers looking to geek out on their favourite protein have plenty to chew on at the new Gyu San, which serves up fat ribeye sandos and a Japanese dictionary’s worth of meat cuts that prove there’s literally more than 55 ways to slice a cow.
The unassuming butchery-eatery in Guoco Tower has a double mission as a casual diner serving Japanese sandwiches, and a full-on butchery focused not just on premium A5 sirloin but an extensive range of cuts to widen one’s beef repertoire beyond  zabuton and misuji. Think kainomi (flap meat), tomo bara (short plate), katarosu (chuck roll), tomo sankaku (tri-tip), seseri (neck) and dozens more – all sliced to your needs and ready to cook at home. 


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