Firefighters get new suit that improves flame protection, reduces heat stress

SINGAPORE – Firefighters are donning new firefighting suits when responding to emergency calls, with new features that provide better protection.

On Wednesday, a Facebook post by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said some of its officers are wearing a new Firefighting Protective Suit (FFPS) that enhances safety for its firefighters.

The new suits will provide firefighters with better protection from extreme heat and environmental conditions, and increased visibility in low-light conditions, it added.

Features of the khaki-colour FFPS include a lightweight and stretchable fabric that provides greater range of motion for firefighters. The layers of fabric are also highly breathable to reduce heat stress, said the post.

The uniform will also see improved flame protection and increased abrasion-resistance to enhance safety and durability.

The SCDF are working on rolling out the new suits to stations island-wide.

The Straits Times has contacted SCDF for more information.


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