First HK Tech Forum at CityU tackles major challenges in data science and AI

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Distinguished scholars from around the world gathered at the HK Tech Forum on Data Science and AI (DSAI), hosted by the Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study (HKIAS) at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) from 26 to 27 July, to address challenging issues in driving data science and AI technology for the benefit of society.

The DSAI Forum was the first in CityU’s HK Tech Forum series, which invited a host of world-leading scholars to promote collaboration in tackling long-standing scientific puzzles and challenging technology issues. 

President Way Kuo of CityU extended a warm welcome to all the participants at the opening ceremony on 26 July. He said we need profound and deep research in data science and AI as we embrace the challenges and opportunities. 

“It is an honour for us to host such a conference, which will give us an opportunity to engage with delegates on a topic of great interest and potential. Over the past decade, CityU has been one of the most progressive universities in the world. Our dynamism, energy and boldness in tackling difficult problems stand out among our many unique features,” he said. 

The HK Tech Forum series at CityU was initiated by President Kuo. Under the theme “Empowering society for a better future”, it serves as a dynamic platform at CityU for examining innovative strategies and approaches to major challenges in science and technology, said Professor Wang Xunli, chief coordinator of the Forum series and Head of the Department of Physics at CityU.

Professor Joe Qin Sizhao, Dean and Chair Professor of the School of Data Science (SDSC) and Director of the Hong Kong Institute for Data Science (HKIDS), was the coordinator of the DSAI Forum. He said the aim of the two-day forum is to discuss new technological developments among world-leading DSAI scholars in Hong Kong and across the world.

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The first day of the forum featured a plenary talk by Turing award winner Professor John Hopcroft, IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in…