First of its kind Marmite-flavoured mooncakes: A special collaboration between Fung Wong Biscuit, Marmite UK

First of its kind Marmite-flavoured mooncakes: A special collaboration between Fung Wong Biscuit, Marmite UK

Be different this Mid-Autumn festival and try these Marmite flavoured mooncakes. — Pictures by Lee Khang Yi

By Lee Khang Yi

Friday, 05 Aug 2022 10:15 AM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 5 — Bored of the traditional mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn festival? Here’s a chance to be different with these limited edition Marmite flavoured mooncakes which will surely be the talk of the town for its offbeat flavour.

Announced on August 2, the mooncake set is a special collaboration between two 100-year-old brands: Marmite UK and Fung Wong Biscuit (Malaysia).

Marmite UK was established in 1902 while Fung Wong traces its roots back to 1909; the two brands got creative and developed these special Mid-Autumn treats.

You can purchase a gift box of two mooncakes for RM49. Inside the bright yellow box, there’s a Marmite Lotus Paste mooncake and a Marmite Single Yolk Lotus Paste mooncake. Each mooncake weighs around 180 grams. There are also two 8 gram capsules of Marmite to complement the mooncakes.

Most importantly, how’s the taste, one may wonder. I sampled the two mooncakes together with a die-hard Marmite fan, Karen Tan.

Looks wise, it resembles a traditional mooncake since Fung Wong Biscuit makes it the old style way. What we really liked was the thick, gooey lotus paste studded with melon seeds.

You also get salted egg yolks that are not too hard with a slight oily texture, signifying their freshness. The baked skin is also soft and supple.

With the addition of Marmite, you can smell it when you cut into the mooncake since it has a distinct aroma. Tastewise, the lotus paste has a slight umami taste that makes the mooncake an appetising bite.

The Marmite Single Yolk Lotus Paste mooncake paired better with the Marmite as its salty sweet sensation was stronger, making it a favourite during the tasting.

One can imagine eating a slice of that mooncake with a cup of Chinese tea as you gaze at the full moon.

If you prefer a stronger Marmite taste, just open the capsules and smear some Marmite onto your mooncake. The taste of the spread can be overwhelming so just a little helps to enhance it.

We reckon it is better without any addition as the mooncakes are good on their own with that subtle umami flavour that makes it quirky yet appealing.

For Tan, these Marmite flavoured mooncakes resonated well. “This idea appeals to me as I grew up with Marmite as an everyday staple and mooncakes as a festive treat.”

You can purchase the mooncakes at Fung Wong Biscuit or order the mooncakes online at Darizi.

Fung Wong Biscuit is located at 85, Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: +603-20728888. Facebook: @FungWongBiscuits For more information, visit Marmite Malaysia’s Facebook @marmitemalaysia