When two of its golf buggies were taken for a joyride out of its premises, Changi Golf Club was miffed enough to lodge a police report last Monday (Nov 2). 

A couple of club members went all Grand Theft Auto and drove the vehicles out to a coffee shop nearby in Changi Village Hawker Centre, just down the road from the golf club. 

Now, footage of the golfers’ mischief have emerged on social media, depicting the rather absurd sight of buggies rolling into a coffee shop and basically obstructing the pathway for any passerby. 

Shared by the SG Road Vigilante Facebook page earlier today (Nov 10), the clip showed two buggies — with golf bags still stored at the back — making an unexpected appearance in the indoor walkway next to an unidentified coffee shop.

One of the drivers appeared to have some trouble manoeuvring the buggy onto the cramped path, which begs the question of why he even bothered doing so in the first place. 

Netizens were not impressed by the antics. 


A notice from Changi Golf Club’s management committee shared on Facebook last week noted that the two golf carts were indeed driven out of the premises without authorisation and the matter is currently under police investigation.

“We take the opportunity to remind all users of golf buggies — golf buggies are the Club’s property and to be used only on our premises and specifically our golf course at all times,” the notice read. 



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