For your fitness sessions, now there’s Netflix

NEW YORK, Jan 3 — A new year means new resolutions. For those who have decided to work on their fitness in 2023, and for those who already exercise regularly, they can now turn to Netflix. The streaming platform now offers its subscribers Nike fitness programmes to follow from their living rooms.

To work out, older generations used to sway in front of their television sets with dedicated shows and programming, often scheduled for the early hours of the day. But as streaming takes over from television, Netflix is also getting in on this aspect of the small screen. From now on, subscribers can keep themselves in shape with content on the streaming platform. The American giant has launched a series of programmes in collaboration with Nike Training Club, the brand’s fitness application. Since December 30, 2022, 46 sports training videos are available on the streaming platform, in ten languages. In total, 90 videos will offer fitness classes — strength sessions, weight training — at varying levels of intensity, as well as vinyasa yoga.

Nike decided to make its Nike Training Club application free in 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. A decision initially made on a temporary basis that was ultimately made permanent. A subscription originally cost US$14.99 (RM65.91) per month and US$199.99 per year. Still available for free download, the fitness application offers classes as well as yoga and weight training, as well as nutrition and wellness tips.

Fitness content has boomed since the pandemic. While sports influencers have found a community on social networks, stars like Chris Hemsworth are also getting in on this new market that seems to be all the rage among streaming platforms.

Apple also offers an exercise video programme with Apple Fitness+, an offering that includes 11 types of exercises, including HIIT, strength training, yoga, dance, cycling, Pilates, treadmill and walking, rowing and recovery. The service also includes video and audio meditation sessions. — ETX Studio


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