Former national athletes Joscelin Yeo and Zhang Tingjun are now teaching kids how to survive in the wild

When a former Olympic swimmer and a former national netball player come together to organise camps for children, what would they teach? If you’re guessing either swimming or netball, you are in for a surprise. 

For almost a year, Joscelin Yeo, 43, and Zhang Tingjun, 40, have been organising wilderness camps for children under their new company, Into The Wild. They have since run camps for 700 to 800 kids from the age of four.

These camps are generally three hours long and priced at S$120 per child. They are designed to create unfamiliar situations with unexpected real-life simulations that push kids out of their comfort zone and challenge them to find creative solutions.

The Disaster Survival Night Camp, for instance, creates a simulated natural disaster such as a volcano erupting, earthquake or tsunami. Kids are tasked to chart their own escape route out of the jungle in the dark as a team, without adult support.

The Wilderness Survival Camps teach first aid skills and allow kids to put them into practice during a high-stress simulated injury. Another cool series is the ongoing Snake Squad series, which offers weekly off-the-grid adventures.


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