Four more children die of acute hepatitis in Indonesia

JAKARTA (Bloomberg) – Four more children have died in the latest outbreak of acute hepatitis in Indonesia, bringing the country’s total fatalities to seven.

Cases have been found across the Southeast Asian nation, with many of them in the capital Jakarta, said Dr Mohammad Syahril, head of state-run Sulianti Saroso Hospital.

The hospital is monitoring one more probable case, among 18 children below 16 years old who were suspected of suffering from the illness.

More than 200 children globally have suffered from the disease, raising concern over the mysterious cases of pediatric hepatitis.

Some children who fell sick from the illness required liver transplants.

The government is doing pathogen analysis on the patients using the Whole Genome Sequencing technology, according to Dr Syahril.

He urged parents to bring their children to a hospital if they are experiencing symptoms including nausea, vomiting, heavy diarrhea, fever, jaundice, seizures and loss of consciousness.

There is no data yet to support the view that current vaccinations can help reduce the symptoms, he added.


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