What would you do if you came across an injured bird on the sidewalk? “Help it, of course,” some would say. 

But what if that same bird decided to fly straight at you and nest on top of your head? 

For Tiktok user f.zna, she managed to stay calm throughout and even took the bird to the vet.

She was calm enough to even document the incident on her personal TikTok account on May 13, with the video garnering over 330,000 views to date.


All i could think was “WHY TF IS A FREAKING BIRD ON MY HEAD” ##BIRD ##Parrot ##birdsoftiktok ##tiktok ##tiktoksg ##fyp ##nesthairstyle

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The incident happened near Bedok North Street 3 when the woman caught sight of the yellow bird standing by the sidewalk.

“Oh my god, I think it is injured. Is it? Ok what should I do?” the woman asked. 

Well, the bird had no doubt about what it should do. Just as the woman ended her question, the bird flew straight to her head.


Even as she took a few steps in an attempt to hopefully shoo the bird away, it continued to treat her head like a nest.

“Oh my god, what am I supposed to do? Do I walk like this? 

Okay, I’ll just walk like this. I’m just hoping it doesn’t sh** on me,” she said.

The following caption then read: “It did.”

Thankfully for the woman, a passer-by was gracious enough to help her remove the bird from her hair. The passer-by also asked the woman if the bird was hers and she replied that it wasn’t and she had found it on the sidewalk. 

The TikTok video’s last scene was of the bird inside a cage indoors with food and water.

Some of the comments from the video praised the woman for being so calm while others thought it was hilarious that the passer-by helped her, no questions asked.



Three days later, the woman posted an update on her TikTok stating that the bird is currently at the vet and is “very well taken care of”.


Reply to @pineapplesonpizza333 i miss the lil birdie 💔 sometimes i still feel its warmth on my head

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From the woman’s update, the vet confirmed that the bird has a broken leg but is not suffering from any pain. This statement felt rather odd to the woman but the vet also mentioned that no adoption can occur until the owner is found.

If the owner is not found, the clinic would have to go through their own protocol which they are unable to disclose she added. 

“As for me, I cannot take it back because I’m already a mama to a very naughty cat and a parrot!” she exclaimed.

AsiaOne reached out to the woman for comment but did not receive a response by the time of writing.

Members of the public who come across any native wild animal that is in need of help can call the Acres Wildlife Rescue Hotline at 97837782.



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