French developer combines Tetris and Snake into mind-bogglingly difficult game

Modern gamers are expected to be good at multitasking, so would classic games like Tetris and Snake still be a challenge for them?

The Verge reports that French developer Gregoire Divaret-Chauveau’s web game – which combines playing Tetris and Snake simultaneously using the same controls on split screens – shows that classic games can be just as difficult.

The controls are with the arrow keys or W,A,S,D alphabet keys, while pressing the space bar will cause the Tetris block to hard drop (be sent to the bottom immediately).

Making it more challenging is that if the player loses in either game, they will fail at both.

Divaret-Chauveau’s website states the game was made for Codevember, a challenge where developers have to complete one programme every day of the month based on the theme.

The Tetris-Snake game was a reply to the prompt “game”.

The Verge reports that the game is incredibly challenging, but offers the tip that users can move around the tetris pieces more, without affecting the snake much, giving players a little more flexibility on one side of the games.

The game will also keep track of each player’s high scores, with separate scores for both games plus a timestamp of when the player lost that round.


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