‘Friends were bribed to turn against me’: Kris Wu rape victim makes moving post in wake of his jailing

She may have influenced the Girls Help Girls trend, China’s own version of the #MeToo movement, but Du Meizhu found her own friends turning against her in the fight against her rapist, Chinese-Canadian pop star Kris Wu.

“A few of my ‘good’ friends were bribed to turn against me and they openly destroyed my reputation and insulted me,” the Chinese 20-year-old wrote on Weibo today (Nov 25).

“They accused me of not being a real victim, persuading the world that [Kris] was innocent. After this experience, I realised that human nature may not be able to withstand testing.”

Her post followed news of Kris’ 13-year jail sentence for raping three women between November to December 2020, and assembling a crowd to engage in sexual promiscuity in July 2018. Kris shot to fame as a member of the K-pop boy group Exo.

Du wrote: “I have had numerous breakdowns and repeated thoughts to end my life, and throughout the waiting period [until his conviction] I was bombarded with online vitriol.”

She revealed that netizens dismissed her for being sexually active in her teens, accused her of blackmailing Kris and also told her: “Why don’t you go look into the mirror, why would he go for you?”

She added: “I never understood, I was harmed and yet it was wrong to legally protect my own rights? Just because he has fans, he could do whatever he wants and be forgiven unconditionally?”


In July last year, Du accused Kris, 32, of luring her to his home under the pretence of an audition and forcing her to drink until she was unconscious. When she came to, she found herself undressed on his bed.

Following the accusations, several brands in China disassociated themselves with Kris. He also wrote on his Weibo: “I never ‘selected women,’ I didn’t seduce, drug, or rape anyone! There were no underage girls. If there was really such behaviour, you can be assured that I will send myself to prison! I take legal responsibility for everything that I say here!”

Du was threatened with a police report and defamation suit.

The following month, Kris was formally arrested and charged with rape.

Du continued in her latest Weibo post: “Just because his agents were women, I trusted them, which led to the chain of events that ensued.

“I would also remind other women to not easily trust others, even fellow women. In the face of danger, call the police and safeguard the evidence — do not be afraid of threats!”


Du also revealed that she had to quit college in Beijing to protect herself from Kris’ fans, and had “given up on my dreams of artistic achievement,” but thanked her audience for the support she had received.

She repeated the slogan of “girls help girls”, writing: “In the future I will use my influence to help more people in need and make more contributions to my hometown.”

Now that her ordeal is over, Du has hopes for a brighter future.

“It’s time to say goodbye to the years that were stolen from my youth,” she wrote. “I don’t know if the future will be great, but I hope society can change to become more accepting. 

“I hope I can continue pursuing my dreams — the journey is long, one day the sun will shine again.”


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Additional reporting by Jolynn Chia


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