From acne to wrinkles and dark circles, turmeric is a spice with multiple skin benefits

NEW YORK, March 21 ― Well-known in many traditional medicines, including Ayurveda, turmeric is beginning to make its way into the cosmetics industry. The ingredient is now used in creams, masks, cleansers and hair care products, for example, and is making its way into DIY beauty recipes in the form of a hydrosol, powder, colorant or essential oil. This means that as many people as possible can benefit from its many virtues for the skin and hair without having to resort to products with lengthy ingredient lists. So why exactly is turmeric is becoming such a must-have spice in the beauty department?

Battling blemishes

If you’re a fan of wellness drinks, turmeric probably holds no secrets for you. This superfood is packed with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial actives that contribute to its fame. But that’s not all. It could also be beneficial for tackling acne and blemishes of all kinds. This is due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties, as well as its purifying action, which helps fight against the bacteria that cause blemishes. Turmeric may even be a perfect partner to help reduce scars and stretch marks.

Supple skin and a radiant glow

Curcumin, the main pigment in turmeric, is rich in anti-inflammatory properties, but that’s not all. It is an ingredient packed with antioxidants that helps fight against external aggression and signs of aging. It is even capable of blocking the action of elastase, an enzyme responsible for the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. By improving the elasticity of the skin, turmeric also helps to reduce dark circles, while its bright colour gives it a radiance boost for an immediate healthy glow.

Plus, turmeric is an excellent hair colorant that has the added bonus of soothing the scalp. But American researchers have recently gone one step further by investigating the potential of curcumin as a natural sunscreen. This research is still in its early stages, but it could one day allow this spice to be used to protect us from ultraviolet rays. Turmeric is clearly a go-to ingredient for the beauty sector that still has plenty of surprises in store. ― ETX Studio


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