Fuel pump prices fall further over weekend

SINGAPORE – Caltex, Shell and SPC have lowered fuel pump prices further following last Friday’s reduction.

According to Fuel Kaki, a pump price tracker set up by the Consumers Association of Singapore, Caltex has cut its posted diesel price by three cents a litre, while all its petrol rates are down by four cents.

Shell and SPC have decreased their fuel prices by four cents a litre across the board.

Esso has not made further adjustments since last Friday, while Sinopec has not changed its prices since June 20 and now has the highest posted pump prices.

As at Monday (July 4) morning, diesel is between $3.12 (SPC) and $3.16 (Sinopec), while 92-octane petrol – dispensed only at Caltex, Esso and SPC – is a uniform $3.30.

The popular 95-octane fuel is between $3.34 (SPC) and $3.39 (Sinopec), while 98-octane petrol – necessary only for a minority of vehicles here – is between $3.82 (Esso, SPC) and $3.86 (Sinopec).

The so-called premium 98-octane petrol is between $3.84 (Shell) and $4.01 (Caltex).

After discounts, the lowest 92-octane price of $2.71 is at Caltex (OCBC 365 card), which is matched by Esso (DBS Esso card).

The cheapest 95-octane price is $2.66 at three-station operator Sinopec (OCBC cards). Among operators with sizeable networks, the lowest is $2.75 at Caltex (OCBC 365 card) and Esso (DBS Esso card).

Sinopec also has the lowest 98-octane price of $3.03 (with OCBC cards), followed by Esso’s $3.13 (DBS Esso card).

After surging for the first half of this year on the back of supply chain woes and the Russia-Ukraine war, oil prices are now softening amid growing signs of an imminent global recession.

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