As Taiwan aims to become a bilingual nation in 2030, many cram schools and educational institutions are gearing up to meet the new requirements.

A Taiwan expat who recently came across an English cram school advertisement, however, pointed out many mistakes in a local promotion ad. This left him to wonder whether Taiwan will truly succeed in achieving its goal in ten years’ time.

In a Twitter post, the English cram school ad showed a Caucasian teacher talking to a group of elementary-aged students in a supermarket, with the caption, “English using at the mall, outing with fun we learn more!”

Aside from the apparent misuse of the word “mall,” which usually refers to an “indoor shopping centre anchored by department stores,” the grammatical errors were also ridiculed by the foreigner who added a “face with tears of joy” emoji to the post.

Other members of the foreign community commented below, claiming it was too bad they didn’t ask a foreign teacher to check the content before publishing the ad.


Another enthusiastic social media user even dug up the cram school website and added he was not surprised after seeing it “half-blocked because it still uses flash” and reading a poorly constructed opening line on its teacher information page.

One commenter jokingly suggested the cram school used translation apps to help with its advertisement and wrote, “Google translate is really bad with Mandarin.”

Many pointed out other funny attempts to keep up with Taiwan’s “bilingual nation” goals, with one Twitter user referring to Kun Shan International School’s fiasco of misspelling, which saw an “m” instead of “n,” making it “intermational” on its newly erected school sign.

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