Gambling Terms and Phrases You Should Know

Gambling Terms and Phrases You Should Know

Online casinos are in high demand these days, they have been so popular these days as you can find millions of online casinos on the internet today. Some best online casinos in the Philippines offer you a magnificent casino experience from your home only. 

With so many casinos, you can be confused with which one to choose. Therefore choosing the right casino can always make you profit. You must be worried about Gambling Terms, but don’t worry we got you covered. We have listed some top gambling terms and phrases for you.


Action is the term that is used for casino play. You will see this term used on many table games like poker roulette, when the dealer says, “the action is on you”. This term can be easily found in Philippines online casino.


A bankroll is the amount of money that you have decided to spend while visiting a casino. It’s the total cash that you will be spending on a casino night.

Bet/Betting limit

A bet is also known as a wager. It is the amount of stake that you put on the round of blackjack or poker. Some games do have betting limits that you need to fulfill to place a bet.


When you start playing in a casino, you need to convert your cash into a token or chip in the casino. The total money that you spend is called the buy-in. 


A cage is an arena in a casino that converts your chips back into your real money.

Card Sharp

A player who is considered skilled at card games is called a card sharp. While you will be happy playing alongside a card sharp at blackjack, since he is only taking money from the dealer, you don’t want to play one at poker because he will be winning your money.

A cardsharp is a person who is very skilled at card games. This can be the person you don’t want to play with as he will win every time and will take away all your money.

Card Washing

Card washing in simple words is the term used for shuffling the cards. This is done by some automatic card shuffling machines to save time.


Chips are the currency of the casino. Chips have different colors and denominations that you can use for playing casino games. 


Running cold is the term used for a player who is on a losing streak. Whereas the term hot is used for the player who has a winning streak.


When you are registering yourself for a casino, make sure that you sign yourself for the rewards club. While playing you will earn points that are referred to as comps. You can convert these comps to buy yourself a free buffet or free accommodation in the casino.


It is a French term for table dealer. You can use this term to impress players around you in the casino. If you would like to learn more about the casino industry, check out what author Demetris Jast has to say.

Double or Nothing

It is a type of bet that makes you earn double money if you win, and lose all your money if you don’t. 

Face cards

Face cards are also known as picture cards, these are cards that have faces on them, for example, the kings, queens, and the jacks in a deck of cards.

High Roller

A high roller is a player with a larger bankroll and who loves to play at higher stakes.


The casino in business is called a house. While playing a game you are playing against the house means the casino.


Juice is also called vig, it is the commission that the casino takes on several games like baccarat, craps, etc.

Pit boss

Pit boss is a person who is a nicely dressed staff member whose job is to see a fair play of games at all times.


You will mostly find people who are watching other people play. These people are railbirds.


Toke is another word used for tip. It’s considered good practice to tip the dealer.


Casino bosses love whales. Whales are super-wealthy individuals that love to speed loads of money in the casino. They usually don’t care if they lose or they win. They step up from high rollers.


These are some top casino terms and phrases that you need to know to sound professional while visiting a casino next time. But if you visit an online casino then you don’t need to worry about these as casinos in the Philippines are cozy and chill places.

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