Get heated up

A woman crossing the road outside Bugis Junction in September last year while carrying a portable fan and an umbrella to shield herself from the sun.

Singapore is not insulated from the impact of climate change. Local temperatures are 1.8 deg C higher than they were in 1948, data from the National Environment Agency’s Meteorological Service Singapore shows.

Global temperatures have warmed by about 1.1 deg C from pre-industrial times, which ended around 1850.

Urban areas tend to be warmer due to the replacement of natural land cover with buildings and other infrastructure that retain or produce heat.

Higher annual temperatures can lead to heat stress and greater use of air-conditioning, increasing Singapore’s energy demands. This, in turn, results in higher domestic carbon emissions.

Find out more about global climate change at the Through The Lens photo exhibition at the National Museum of Singapore, organised by The Straits Times.

It explores the impact of global climate change on Singapore and how the country can do its part to combat the challenges.


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