GetGo car or GetGo plane? Man racks up $4,000 bill for 2-hour rental

For some in Singapore, using car-sharing services saves them more money than owning their own rides.

But this plan didn’t work out for one man, who was stunned by a hefty bill he received after renting a GetGo car for two hours. 

In a TikTok video uploaded on Sunday (Feb 5), Tony Lim shared that he booked a five-seater Ssangyong Tivoli XLV on Friday night. 

When he returned the car at 11.29pm, his fees came up to a whopping $4001.46. 

A breakdown of the charges on his GetGo app showed that the booking fees were nothing out of the ordinary — he was charged $9 per hour for using the car during peak period. 

But things started to go haywire it came to the mileage portion. 

According to the app, the car had clocked a staggering 10,214km in two hours. With the rate of $0.39 per kilometre, the total for mileage charges added up to $3983.46. 

“Is it possible?” Lim asked, adding that he had covered the distance with only half a tank of petrol. 

Fortunately, the app was unable to process the payment so the man didn’t end up with a gaping hole in his wallet. 

A quick check on GetGo’s website shows that hourly rates for renting a standard car starts at $3 for off-peak hours, $6 for regular hours and $9 for peak hours. The mileage charge is $0.39 cents per kilometre for a standard car

Users only need to pay for the hours and mileage used, according to the company. 

In his post, Lim said that the firm is currently looking into the case.

AsiaOne has contacted both Lim and GetGo for more information. 


Rented 2 hours Getgo, my bill is $4K. 😓 charged for over 10k mileage with half a tank of petrol. 😂🤣, they still have to investigate. Is it possible?😤

♬ 芭比q了 – 邓家忠

While this incident troubled Lim, some netizens tried to lighten up the mood in the comments section. Several of them asked if he had rented a plane instead of a car. 


One man did the math and pointed out that a drive from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to Changi is 40km and in order to hit the mileage listed in the app, Lim would have to drive back and forth 250 times. 


Another netizen also advised Lim to take a picture of the car’s mileage before and after the journey so he can better keep track of the distance travelled. 


Other app glitches and exorbitant charges 

It appears that Lim may have encountered a glitch in the mobile app, which is not as uncommon as one would think. 

Last November, a woman who was hankering for some food from McDonald’s got a shock when the bill amounted to $1,203 on GrabFood

Seeing that the small order fee alone was $1,185, she didn’t proceed with the order. 

Other customers who tried to order from eateries like Texas Chicken and A-One Claypot House similarly saw ridiculous charges on the app. 

Responding to AsiaOne’s queries then, Grab said that the small order fee was incorrectly reflected on the mobile app, and was rectified within minutes.

“A very small number of users were charged wrongly and we’ve processed all refunds,” the company’s spokesperson added.

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