As the stardust settles down, stories of what went on behind the scenes at Sunday’s Star Awards are emerging.

Today (April 22), radio DJ Dennis Chew uploaded a video with a long caption on Instagram about something that transpired during the reveal of the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes awards.

The 47-year-old comedian was one of the 30 nominees, and he really wanted to win because if he did, it would be his 10th trophy. It would also mean that he would be conferred the All-Time Favourite Artiste award in next year’s ceremony.

He explained he was on hosting duty, and was on stage holding the microphone in one hand and his notes in the other. If an artiste in his area won, he had to immediately congratulate him and read out his past accomplishments. And if Dennis himself was one of the winners, he was supposed to place his microphone and notes on the rostrum, and pick them up after his thank-you speech.

But of course, things don’t always go as planned in live shows.

“I was so nervous when Marcus Chin was announced the seventh winner. I really wanted to win my (10th) trophy but I was also mentally preparing myself that I wouldn’t. During this time, the camera panned occasionally to me,” Dennis wrote.

“What you don’t know is, throughout all these, Romeo — who was standing the closest to me — kept encouraging me and trying to keep me calm through his body language and gaze. He even opened his eyes wide and appeared to mouth the words, ‘Don’t worry’.”

And when his name was finally called out, Dennis heard an enthusiastic voice next to him. Romeo had held his hands out to Dennis, telling him: “Give me your microphone, faster give it to me, give everything to me!”

Dennis said Romeo’s gesture is imprinted in his mind. “Why did he do it? He could have stood there looking suave, but he chose to help me. And I’m short. Romeo has the stature of a star and he had to bend down to get my mic and notes from me. It might appear a comical sight but to me, it shows his righteousness and graciousness.”

He then ended his post thanking Romeo, adding his help that night has touched him.

“The showbiz industry in Singapore is small but there is still fierce competition and the changes are unpredictable. But Romeo Tan chased the dark clouds away.”

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