You don’t have to be an optometrist to know that staring at the computer screen all day long is horrible for your eyes. 

And yet we still do for work — even more so these days when most of us continue to work from home, where the lines between work hours and non-work hours are getting a tad bit blurry. As convenient as it may be working or studying on portable devices like laptops and tablets, that portability ain’t much use these days when we’re all cooped up indoors most of the time. What we’re saying is that it’d just make more sense to view content on a bigger 27-inch screen at home.

In times like these, everyone benefits from something that combines ergonomics and visual healthcare. BenQ believes that they’ve got a solution fit for the work-from-home and home-based-learning era in the form of a new monitor dedicated to eye-care. 

Now, most people aren’t that all knowledgeable on the best practices to beat eye-strain and burnout — adjusting colour temperature, display brightness and glare aren’t that important when you’re too busy chasing deadlines and due dates. BenQ wants to make the process easier with its new GW2780T Eye-care Monitor and the Monitor Light ScreenBar, a combination of tools to protect one’s eyesight. 

A sight for sore eyes: BenQ Eye-Care Monitor 

Built within the monitor is BenQ’s proprietary Brightness Intelligence (BI). Instead of having to manually alter settings on your own, the monitor will automatically adjust its own brightness for optimal viewing comfort — the built-in light sensor detects ambient light and the BI will adjust brightness accordingly. It’s very much like the auto-brightness function on smartphones, but this time, it’s the computer screen that does it. 

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Speaking of viewing comfort, the GW2780T also boasts Flicker-Free Technology and Low Blue Light Technology. Invisible as the flicker may be to the naked eye, it still introduces eye strain when we stare at the screen for long periods of time. Going flicker-free, however, effectively diminishes eye muscle fatigue so folks remain efficient for work and studies. 


As for the Low Blue Light tech, what that does is give you better sleep and rest. The monitor filters out blue light, the notorious wavelength emitted from digital screens that can damage retinal cells and disrupt the release of sleep-inducing melatonin. It should go without saying that better sleep equals better productivity at work and focus at school the next day. 


Parents with kids would be glad to know that young students get to benefit largely from using the GW2780T. The height adjustment stand is flexible and variable enough in its height, tilt and pivot for any member of the family to find the best viewing angle, be it a child cramming for exams, a teen editing a video assignment or an adult who needs to crunch numbers on Excel. Programmers would love the fact that the display can be rotated sideways for portrait orientation to see all that beautiful code. Not to mention the ports on BenQ’s monitor are extensive enough to support various connections, including HDMI, DisplayPort and D-sub. 

Learn more about BenQ eye-care monitor GW2780T: 

Let there be light: BenQ Monitor Light ScreenBar


As working parents would know since the start of the pandemic, setting up workstations for themselves and their kids learning at home can be quite a hassle. It’s not that surprising that folks started flocking to Ikea before the start of the circuit breaker to buy desks. 

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Measuring 45cm, this intelligent lamp should be able to light up an entire desk and more. BenQ incorporated much-appreciated features like 14 adjustable brightness levels, eight colour temperature levels (for both warm and cool lighting), and an auto-dimming function that no other desk lamp has. To make things even easier, the lamp is powered via USB so it can be plugged into the back of your monitor. 


It’s annoying enough to see glare onscreen, which can be disruptive for work, not to mention the eye fatigue that sets in after. But thanks to BenQ’s patented asymmetric optical design, the ScreenBar only illuminates the desk without shining bright light on the monitor itself or the eyes of anyone sitting in front of it. 


But of course, the ScreenBar can be paired with a wide range of monitors, not just the ones made by BenQ. No wonder it’s a bestseller on Amazon US. 

Learn more about BenQ monitor light ScreenBar: 

Now, Singapore gets to bathe in the glow of eye-care too. The BenQ GW2780T and the Monitor Light ScreenBar can be purchased at $339 and $159 respectively on Lazada. Small prices to pay to keep your eyes healthy, anyway. 

This article was brought to you in partnership with BenQ



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