Giving promising medical students financial freedom to chase their dreams

Equal opportunity for all students

Many students like Mr Loh apply to Duke-NUS as their only option. 

As the only graduate-entry medical school in Singapore, Duke-NUS’ strong connections with the local healthcare community, through their strategic partnership with SingHealth and ready access to state-of-the-art technology, give them a myriad of opportunities to pursue research in a number of different areas.

Furthermore, as many students only intend to practise medicine in Singapore, Duke-NUS is the perfect place for students to forge connections and lay the foundations for scientific collaborations with fellow physicians. 

“Duke-NUS offers a unique research-intensive curriculum that encourages students to become not only outstanding clinicians but also medical leaders and clinician scientists in the future,” continues Prof Thomas M Coffman, dean of Duke-NUS. 

“Through our world-class MD and MD/PhD programmes where students receive their degrees from both Duke University and the National University of Singapore, our students forge strong networks enabling them to become drivers of change to improve human health.”

More than half of the students enrolled in Duke-NUS are on financial aid. Like Mr Loh, the majority of them are recipients of the Duke-NUS Bursary, which covers up to 71 per cent of tuition fees — something that could make or break a student’s decision to attend the school.

“At Duke-NUS, we strongly believe that any student who has met our rigorous admissions standards deserves the opportunity to train with the world’s best faculty at our School regardless of their financial circumstances,” says Mr Goh Yew Lin, chairman of Duke-NUS’ Governing Board. 

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“Medicine is a demanding course — particularly so at Duke-NUS, where students complete their MD training in four intense years,” he continues. 

“By ensuring that our students do not have to worry about additional financial burdens, the School then nurtures our students to become outstanding, competent and empathetic doctors who give back to the Singapore community by improving patients’ lives.” 

As such, aside from the Duke-NUS Bursary, the school offers a varied mix of both need-based and merit-based aid, ensuring that students of all backgrounds receive the financial help that they need to succeed. 

“Duke-NUS has a diverse range of financial-aid programmes available to our students,” continues Prof Coffman. “More than 60 per cent of our current students receive financial aid in some form or other. We continuously work hard to assure that sufficient funds are available to support all deserving students who come to our School.”


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