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Global food threat: What to do about Russia's blockade of Ukrainian exports?

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Can the rest of the world stay out of it when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine starts to threaten food supplies? This week’s bombing of the Black Sea resort of Odesa is a reminder that Moscow is blockading Ukraine’s main port of export for wheat and other grains. The UN’s World Food Programme relies on those cereals and they are already feeling the pinch in places like war torn-Ethiopia. 

We ask what it would take to reopen the Black Sea and about alternatives, such as the land route through Poland suggested by the EU agriculture commissioner. 

But Moscow has ideas of its own, warn the Ukrainians. They accuse the Kremlin of stealing their land, stockpiles and farm equipment with the long-term aim of playing the generous benefactor who feeds the planet. 

It’s not just about Ukraine and the developing world. How to ensure food security for all? What lessons have we learned from global warming, population pressure, supply chain disruptions during Covid and now war in Europe’s breadbasket?

Produced by Alessandro Xenos, Elise Marné and Imen Mellaz.

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