'Going on world tour': Student loses iPad in Singapore, finds out that it's in India weeks later

Misplacing personal belongings is unfortunate, but imagine the shock one woman had when she found out that her lost iPad in Singapore somehow ended up in another country. 

The woman, Vanessa, said her iPad was stolen on Nov 29 while on her way to the airport from her boyfriend’s house in Bukit Batok. 

However, she wrote in a TikTok video posted Dec 3 that she didn’t realise it had been misplaced until the end of the day when she received a notification that the iPad was at Jurong East. 

Vanessa said she made a police report that very day. 

In a bid to locate the iPad, the woman also included a description of what her iPad looked like — a 5th-generation iPad Air in purple, which was in a cream-coloured pouch. 

“All my uni documents, assignments and notes are inside, including my drawings and crochet patterns,” she wrote, adding that she was a ‘broke’ student with no income to buy another. 

On Monday (Dec 26), Vanessa posted another update about her missing iPad — with a surprising twist. When tracking the location of her device, she realised that the iPad was now in Chennai, India. 


Replying to @vanessa bruh 😂


“Who sold my iPad to India bruh,” she wrote in the video. 

Replying to a comment, Vanessa said her iPad was tracked to a service center in India, and later moved to someone’s residence. 

Over in the comments, netizens were amused at the plot twist, with some even joking that she fly to India to retrieve her iPad. 

“iPad going on a world tour,” Vanessa also joked. 


AsiaOne has reached out to Vanessa for more information.

Woman tracks lost AirPods to Pasir Panjang condo 

Back in September, another woman misplaced her AirPods somewhere within the National University of Singapore. 

After tracking the device to a condominium in Pasir Panjang, the woman, Sherlin, made a TikTok video calling out the person who took her AirPods

“Hi if you took my AirPods and you live in The Foilage please return [them to me], I’m a poor student; I will pay you $10 for my own AirPods [I’m] begging you,” she wrote. 

Weirdly enough, the person had only taken the AirPods but left the casing behind. 

She even travelled all the way down to the said condo in the hopes of getting her AirPods back, but hit a wall as she didn’t know the unit it was at.  

It is not known if she managed to get her AirPods back. 

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