Gordon Lam injured protecting child during stunt, taken to hospital

They may be playing a part most of the time, but actors sometimes become real-life heroes.

Hong Kong actor Gordon Lam sustained an injury yesterday (July 13) while protecting a child on the set of Andy Lau’s newest film I Did It My Way and was conveyed to a hospital, Hong Kong media outlets reported.

Gordon, 54, was performing a stunt where he had to traverse uneven ground with a child in his arms when he tripped over stones and fell.

However, he understood that the child he was holding would get injured if he wasn’t careful so Gordon chose to bear the brunt of the impact instead.

The actor intentionally leaned into the fall with one side of his body slamming onto the ground hard, in turn causing multiple wounds on his body, but ensuring that the child was protected.

Gordon’s fall and injuries left him temporarily immobile and crew members immediately called for an ambulance when they realised this, according to Hong Kong news reports.

After preliminary treatment was administered to the injured actor, it was then determined that he would be conveyed to the hospital for further examination.

Despite Gordon’s injuries and hospitalisation, the filming still continued. Purportedly, the filming location in Tsing Yi was expensive to use so cast and crew had to work with the tight schedule afforded to them.


Although actors Simon Yam and Chin Ka-lok were also present at the filming location, they were entirely unaware that this situation had occurred.

The film’s director Jason Kwan said that they were filming in two different groups, shedding light on the lack of knowledge on set. When approached by Hong Kong media, he directed them to check with the producer, Andy, for more information.

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It was later reported that Gordon is safely recovering in the hospital.

Said the actor: “It was a small incident, in order to ensure safety, I went to the hospital for a check-up. There are no serious issues, thank you for your concern!”

I Did It My Way is Andy’s latest production, and will have a star-studded cast including Eddie Peng, Hedwig Tam and Andy himself.

The film is rumoured to follow criminal doings on the dark web, as well as the undercover forces of anti-narcotics authorities.

I Did It My Way is expected to be released in 2023.

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