Gossip mill: Hong Kong celebs drink distilled urine in show, Shun Oguri caught singing karaoke nude, Single's Inferno hunk said to star in new BL K-drama

Hong Kong celebs drink distilled urine in show

Bear Grylls now has competition in Hong Kong, too.

Three young, fresh-faced artistes had to drink ‘urine’ in the latest episode of the survival show We’re All Wildlings.

Arthur Sy, Sandy To and Liam Fung, who are all relatively new faces in TVB, were tasked to build a temporary shelter in the wilderness, create clean drinking water and find food.

While the trio breezed through the first step, the second proved to be an issue and they had no choice but to turn to distilled urine as their source of water.

Arthur was supposed to urinate into a bottle but it was revealed the poor lad didn’t have any pee and those from the programme’s director was used instead. With a makeshift water distillation system, a small cup of water was collected and Arthur, Sandy and Liam drank it from cups.

Shun Oguri caught singing karaoke nude

The time-old advice for combating stage fright — imagining your audience naked — has taken a strange turn.

According to media reports, a picture of a man who appears to be popular actor Shun Oguri singing in the nude was leaked by a Japanese influencer yesterday (June 29). The pictures have since been deleted but netizens have been sent scrambling by this revelation.

Shun, 39, is a veteran actor in Japanese showbiz with a career spanning well over two decades. He is currently married to model Yu Yamada and they have three children. 

In these pictures, the man singing on a microphone seems to be naked with his underwear pulled halfway down his thighs and his buttocks showing, while two arms reach towards his crotch. 

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In the background, a woman appears to be sifting through a piece of white clothing, while just off-screen of the image, another person could be seen.

This isn’t the first time he’s been caught with his pants down, either — Japanese media have covered Shun’s alleged escapades, even during his wife’s pregnancy in 2014.

Single’s Inferno hunk said to star in new BL K-drama


Choi Si-hun of Single’s Inferno fame has reportedly been cast as Yoo Sung, a senior colleague in the BL office romance drama The New Employee, reported South Korean publication Hankook Ilbo.

For the uninitiated, BL refers to boy love, a genre that involves romance between two men. As Yoo Sung, Si-hun will be the first love of an intern Woo Seung-hyun, who then falls in love with section leader Kim Jong-chan.

The New Employee was first published as a web novel in 2016 and was made into a webtoon in 2020. That same year, The New Employee won the best webtoon award at the Ridi BL Comics Awards, according to Koreaboo.

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