Gossip mill: Jeff Goldblum discovers 'religious ecstasy' in Pocky, Omega X sue agency for abuse, Mayday tease audience member for supporting Jay Chou

Can worship really be so delicious?

In a Twitch livestream by Rolling Stone on Thursday (Nov 17), actor Jeff Goldblum was invited to talk about his new holiday song and build a gingerbread house with host Jon Weigell when he tasted Pocky for the first time.

His reaction? Bliss.

Taking separate bites of both the strawberry- and matcha-flavoured Pocky sticks, Jeff, 70, nodded his head and whispered: “Spectacular. Almost a religious ecstasy.”

He added that his favourite was the matcha-flavoured one.

‘Sexual harassment was also involved’


K-pop boy band Omega X reportedly suffered a harrowing ordeal set upon them by both the chairman and CEO of Spire Entertainment, the agency that manages the 11-member group.

According to a Soompi report on Wednesday, Omega X held a press conference where they revealed that a lawsuit is ongoing to end their contract with the agency.

This comes after video footage of the female CEO hurling verbal abuse at member Jaehan spread on social media.

Individual members of the group also shared their horrifying experiences of being touched on their thighs and faces.

Jaehan said: “She called me and forced me to drink. Sexual harassment was also involved. She touched my face and hand. 

“After drinking, she called me through KakaoTalk. She lashed out that if we are going to continue to be idols, we have to crawl… We only wanted to be respected as people who love music.”

Soompi also reported that the legal representative of Omega X intends to file a criminal complaint on charges of assault, intimidation, indecent acts by compulsion and attempted threats.

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‘There are no refunds’


Ever entered the wrong classroom but missed the opportunity to leave, so you stay there for the full lesson?


Two fans at the two-day Mayday concert in Las Vegas last Sunday either experienced just that, or they might have just wanted to stand out from the crowd.

In an Instagram Story uploaded on the band’s official account the day their performance concluded, a short snippet of two fans holding up a banner supporting Jay Chou was shared.

Ashin, the lead vocalist of the Taiwanese band, saw the banner and teased in the video: “You know that today’s Mayday’s concert, right? Did you buy tickets for the wrong day? There are no refunds.”

The 46-year-old also commented on the Story and said: “They attended the wrong concert! We won’t be refunding the tickets okay.”

The singer also tagged Jay himself, who wrote: “Haha, all the best for your concert.”

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