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Singapore — A man has alleged that a Grab driver told his wheel-chair bound mother-in-law to get out of his car for coughing.

In a now-removed Facebook post on Saturday (Feb 15), the son-in-law shared an image of the driver’s photo and the vehicle registration number.

He wrote that the driver also scolded the woman as if she carried the Covid-19 virus.

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While it is unclear if the woman was elderly or if she was alone, her son-in-law’s angry post has caught the attention of netizens.

In a similar case, but on a bus, earlier in the week, a woman was forced to alight from a public bus after other commuters spotted a nurse’s uniform in a bag she carried. She went home crying.

Her ordeal was mentioned in an Instagram Stories post by her sister. The nurse usually changes into civilian clothing at the end of her shift and takes the bus home. That day, however, she had decided to take the uniform home to wash. Someone on the bus saw the uniform in the bag and shouted at her to get off the bus.

TISG has reached out to the son-in-law and Grab for comment and clarification. /TISG

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