Group of ang moh students seen talking on the train with no mask, one puts foot up on the seat

Singapore — A group of foreign students who were talking on the train without wearing their masks properly were called out after a netizen captured the incident on camera.

In a photo circulating on social media, the group of four, who looked to be wearing the uniform of United World College, were seen sitting very close together on the train. Out of the four – two boys and two girls – one girl and another boy had their masks pulled down to their chins.

The girl who had her mask pulled down also sat with her foot up on the MRT seat. While it is unclear who she is or which MRT station the incident occurred at, the image was circulated on Monday (Sep 13) on social media and WhatsApp messenger.

Though the other boy was seen wearing a mask, he too also had it just pulled down where his nose was exposed.

The incident happens just as Singapore reported 517 new locally transmitted COVID-19 infections as of noon on Sunday (Sept 12), comprising 454 community cases and 63 dormitory residents.

Among the local cases, 137 are seniors above 60 years old, said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Earlier this year, a video of a foreign student using an MRT vertical pole for pole dancing was circulated online.

In the video, a group of international students, presumably from Australian International School Singapore according to their uniform and school bag logo, could be seen prodding a schoolmate to use the MRT pole for pole dancing.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/sg.influenzers

The student then swung himself around the pole, swayed his hips in front of the camera at one point, and slid down while one of his schoolmates pretended to flick some cash in his direction.

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Photo: Instagram screengrab/sg.influenzers

Based on the face masks they were wearing, the video was taken during the Covid-19 pandemic. It appears that most of the students were also not wearing their face masks properly and had the protective covering under their noses or chins.

Anyone who breaches COVID-19 rules may be fined up to S$10,000, jailed up to 6 months or both. /TISG

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