Happy reunions at klia2 as first VTL flight lands, but some teething problems for swab tests process

Razib Manap and Jami Ramat, both 61, were eager to catch a taxi from klia2 to Port Dickson upon arrival. 

Razib is Malaysian while Jani is Singaporean.

Razib said that they were looking forward to reuniting with his four children and six grandchildren.

“I’ve only seen them on the telephone screen for a long time,” he said, adding that he used to come home once a month before the pandemic. 


As part of the standard operating procedures, travellers arriving in Malaysia via the air VTL have to take on-arrival polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test before they are allowed to leave the airport. 

They can choose between a swab test with results made available in three hours and a pricier test with results out in an hour.  

On Monday, the first passenger from the Jetstar VTL flight to emerge at the arrival hall showed up just before 11am, about two-and-a-half hours after the plane had landed. 

Some passengers said there were delays and mix-ups in the test process. 

One of them, who only wanted to be known as Chan, was unhappy that she had to wait for more than an hour for her result despite paying for the more expensive test.

“I hope they can improve the system so that those using the VTL in the future do not have to go through these difficulties,” she said.

Selvan, who noted the cost of testing involved on both sides of the border, said that teething problems were to be expected. He advised travellers to be more patient.  

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Jonathan, who also paid for the one-hour test but had to wait beyond the stipulated time, added: “Their capacity for testing was good, just that they mixed up the one-hour and three-hour tests.” 


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