'He could go home and brag to his mother': Dennis Chew finds a classmate to teach him to use MacBook

Remember how Dennis Chew was worried about using a MacBook in school?

It seems like the local radio DJ has managed to get some help from his classmates, albeit at a cost. 

In the latest episode of Just Swipe Lah, the 48-year-old told host Jernelle Oh that his classmates were “very willing” to teach him how to use a MacBook. He even introduced one of his classmates who helped him out, Timothy. 

“But the price I had to pay was that he could go home and brag to his mother — ‘Dennis Chew asked me to teach him how to use the MacBook today.’ Look at what a person he is!” Dennis jokingly exclaimed. 

Timothy’s brag might be valid after all, as another classmate admitted that she was a fan of Dennis’ work. “I really like 118… My parents are his fans, my mother really loves him.” 

When asked if there was anything they found different about Dennis after interacting with him, a third classmate quipped “generation gap”, but quickly added that it was “just a little”. 

On his part, it seems that Dennis is making an effort to bridge the gap, by adopting the way youngsters communicate. 

“Lately when I use WhatsApp, I no longer use ‘you want’, I simply type ‘uw'”, he proudly declared, earning a chuckle from host Jernelle. 

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