'He disappeared': Chantalle Ng looking to reconnect with child actor she made friends with years ago

With the power of social media these days, trying to contact a long-lost friend is no longer a difficult task.

Local actress Chantalle Ng has decided to try her luck reaching out to a child actor whom she’s lost contact with, by appealing to her followers for his contact information. 

The 26-year-old posted a selfie on her Instagram story on Monday (June 13), where she wrote: “In my childhood, I remember going to work with my mum and I made friends with this child actor. But we lost contact and over the years, I’ve been asking around to see if anyone still had his contact to no avail. He disappeared.” 


Her next post was a picture of the child actor she was looking for, with the caption “Xiao Liyuan is his name I think”. 

She added: “If anyone has his contact please let me know! Not sure if he still remembers me but I’m just really keen to see how he’s doing and if he’s doing well! Been trying to reconnect for years.” 

Liyuan was an actor who appeared in several local movies and drama series in the 2000s, including Homerun (2003), A Child’s Hope (2003), 4:30 (2005) and Zero to Hero (2005). 

His last known onscreen appearance was the 2007 Mediacorp drama series Let It Shine, starring Felicia Chin and Shaun Chen. 

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