HipHop Tamizha’s Malaysia concert: A tribute to the birthplace of Tamil hip-hop

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 — HipHop Tamizha, the pioneering force in Tamil Hip Hop plans to pay tribute to the birthplace of Tamil Hip Hop — Malaysia when he ignites the stage next month with his already sold-out concert titled: “HipHop Tamizha (Return of The Dragon) Live in Malaysia”.

During a highly engaging press conference cum meet the fans session held at KL Sentral yesterday, HipHop Tamizha Adhi expressed his deep-rooted connection with Malaysia, hailing it as the cradle of Tamil Hip Hop.

“Malaysia and Tamil Hip Hop are synonymous,” he remarked passionately.


“Since Malaysia is the birthplace of Tamil Hip Hop, I wanted to prioritise and kick off my world tour here. Malaysia is the capital of Tamil Hip Hop.”

Reflecting on the journey to bring the concert to Malaysia, Adhi shared, “It took three years for many Malaysian organisers who tried to bring HipHop Tamizha here, but we were busy trying to build a solid base before curating our World Tour – Return of The Dragon.

While Adhi has made a significant mark in Tamil cinema, he reaffirmed that music remains his foremost passion.


“I have always wanted to be a non-film artist.

“With this concert, I give my Malaysian fans exclusive information: we have just launched HipHop Tamizha Productions. I aim to unite Tamil Hip Hop artists worldwide under one platform. We have truly come full circle and believe we have set the base for more independent artists to join us,” he said.

Adhi’s commitment to the independent music scene was palpable.

“I believe in unfiltered art and staying true to the independent scene without the interference of film music.

“This Return of The Dragon concert is a unique event; we won’t be revisiting this concept again,” he said.

The concert will take place on August 3, at KL Base in Sungai Besi where fans are promised an immersive outdoor open-air concert experience.

Organised by City Production under the stewardship of K. Rishi and R. Govind, the concert has already sold out, prompting the organisers to open an additional zone due to overwhelming demand.

Recalling his humble beginnings, Adhi reminisced, “I started on stage with just five to six people. Now, I want to return to the stage – this is my base, hence the name Return of The Dragon.”

Adhi’s admiration for Malaysia extended beyond music, acknowledging its role in fostering Tamil-independent music.

“Malaysia is very special to me. I want to give a shoutout to Malaysia for its support of the Tamil independent music scene.

“Even before they hype of film music, Malaysia already had an alternative scene where they devised a separate genre called “Samba Rock” created by Darkkey who is a huge influence,” he said.

The crowd at Nu Sentral yesterday enjoyed engaging with Adhi who did not just address the media but also prioritised all his fans to ask him questions. —  Pic by City Production.

The crowd at Nu Sentral yesterday enjoyed engaging with Adhi who did not just address the media but also prioritised all his fans to ask him questions. —  Pic by City Production.

During his visit, Adhi also met Darkkey to extend an invitation to perform at his concert, adding to the excitement among fans. He also credited local artists and groups like Yogi B, Psychomatra, Chakra Sonic and Rabbit Mac for their influence in Tamil Hip Hop.

With his upcoming concert in Wembley London, Adhi will make history as the first Tamil Hip Hop artist to perform at the OVO Arena Wembley, underscoring his global influence and commitment to Tamil Hip Hop’s growth.

HipHop Tamizha, comprising Adhi and Jeeva, gained prominence for their distinctive blend of Tamil lyrics with urban beats, revolutionising the Tamil music scene.

Their viral debut “Club le Mabbu le” catapulted them to fame in 2011.

In Malaysia, Tamil Hip Hop emerged as a vibrant subculture, pioneered by singers like Yogi B, Psychomantra and Chakra Sonic. These artists laid the foundation for Tamil Hip Hop’s expansion into a mainstream genre.

Adhi’s concert in Malaysia symbolises a tribute to the birthplace of Tamil Hip Hop, celebrating its evolution from an alternative scene to a global phenomenon.


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