‘Honda Type R car for sale’ ad photos shot while drunk or during an earthquake?

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While car sellers often post high-definition photos that depict the current condition of the vehicle for the buyers’ perusal, a Malaysian car owner’s advertisement took the opposite approach, which went viral online.

Facebook user Robert Liew posted a total of 15 terribly taken photos of a Honda Type R. Here’s the interior:

Photo: FB screengrab/Robert Liew

And here’s the side view of the vehicle, which shows that it is in good condition… maybe.

Photo: FB screengrab/Robert Liew

The Recaro edition seats and rims appear to be stock Type R versions as well, maybe.

Photo: FB screengrab/Robert Liew

The original post has over 8,000 shares and 1,300 comments, with netizens poking fun at the photo quality.

“You take worse pics than my dead grandfather from WW2,” said Facebook user Blake Boswell while another netizen confirmed that the photos look the same from the perspective of someone who was drunk and was seeing doubles.

“When you want to sell cars but you’re drunk,” quipped Facebook user Kamhuber Maica.

“Was there an earthquake when you were taking these pics?” asked Facebook user James Clarke.

One Aaron Palad confirmed that the car was indeed fast, based on the “blurred” photo effect. “Type R confirmed.”

Mr Liew didn’t expect his post to go viral and posted better photos on June 10.

Photo: FB screengrab/Robert Liew

“All jokes aside, here are some proper photos of the Type R, but it seriously needs a new home, though,” he added.

For those interested, the unregistered 2019 Honda Civic FK8 Type R has Mugen tail lights, a Blitz throttle controller and a Carrozerria player installed. /TISG

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