Hong Kong ice cream fans frantically searching city for Filipino ube flavor from their childhoods

Nothing beats a good creamy ice cream in these sweltering temperatures in Hong Kong now. But for aficionados of the frozen treat, not just any flavor will do. And the most sought after ice cream in the city at the moment may just be an ube-flavored ice cream from the Philippines.

Netizens on a public Facebook group dedicated to discussing ice cream in Hong Kong have been gushing over Magnolia’s Ube Premium Ice Cream and have been hitting each other up for tips on which stores still have it in stock. 

“It’s so hard to find😍,” said one Facebook user. 

“I had this in the past and I miss it a lot,” said another. 

One Facebook user who managed to get a tub said it did not taste too sweet, has a nice ube flavor and bits of ube, and that the ice cream is creamy. 

“It’s worth getting and it brings back memories of the past,” the netizen said. 

Many also shared their childhood memories eating the ice cream. 

“This is very yummy😍, when I was young, my domestic worker and her husband always mailed some over for us,” said one internet user. 

“I once went to the Philippines and every tourist will carry at least one tub back,” said another. 

Posts on the Facebook group about the ice cream have been flooded with netizens’ celebrating after getting hold of the sought-after brand and questions from others on where they can locate it. 

“Where did you get this? My domestic worker said this is very yummy, I want to buy it for her,” said one internet user. 

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“I got a call this morning at 5:30am about [stocks of] the ice cream arriving,” said another. 

“I managed to get one without ordering, so so so lucky❤️,” a Facebook user exclaimed. 

Some netizens mentioned they managed to get the ice cream from Victory Supermart in World Wide House in Central and Tagpuan Pinoy in Tung Lo Court in Sham Shui Po. 

Unlike taro, which is more commonly found in Hong Kong, ube has a vibrant purple hue and a sweet and rich taste. 

According to its packaging, the ice cream is made with milk from carabao — a domestic swamp-type water buffalo native to the Philippines — and has no artificial flavor added.