Hong Kong police arrest captain of men’s cricket team on suspicion of attempting to defraud insurance company

Two months later, he sought compensation from the insurance company, and went to court in May this year to press the HK$3 million claim.

Senior Inspector Lam Chun-hong, of the force’s commercial crime bureau, said on Tuesday that the man stated in court documents that he was a cricket player and also worked in the logistics industry.

“He claimed the injuries he suffered in the accident have caused him to lose his ability to work. In future, he will have lost his income from work and also have to pay living expenditures,” Lam said.

He declined to elaborate on what injuries the cricketer suffered in the accident.

The insurance company made a report to police in June this year after its investigation suggested the claim was fraudulent.

After gathering their own evidence, police arrested the suspect on Tuesday morning, according to Lam.

“Our investigation showed the man continued to take part in 10 or more sports competitions to receive income after the traffic accident,” Lam said. “He was then suspected of defrauding a huge sum of money in compensation from the insurance company.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, Khan was still being held for questioning and had not been charged.

Lam warned that any act of deception in an insurance claim, such as submitting false information, exaggerating injuries or orchestrating a traffic accident, could constitute fraud, which carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in jail under the Theft Ordinance.

He said police would continue to maintain close contact with the insurance industry and investigate every suspicious claim seriously.

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Tony Melloy, chairman of governing body Cricket Hong Kong, said he did not have enough details about the case to comment.

Khan is believed to have played 10 domestic cricket matches since October, four for the Kowloon Cricket Club and six for the Kowloon Lions. His last match would have been on April 3, though players are not paid to play in domestic club games.


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