Hong Kong police launch probe after Korean visitor molested while live-streaming in Central for her solo travel blog

Hong Kong police have launched an investigation after a Korean visitor was molested by a man while she was live-streaming for her solo travel blog in Central on Sunday night.

A viral 60-second online clip recorded during her live stream shows the woman’s ordeal began when she was approached by a man near a tram stop in Central.

The visitor, in Hong Kong for the first time, attempted to get rid of him, but he kept on following her and placed his arm on her shoulder as she walked along.

As they reached an entrance of Central MTR station, the man grabbed her arm and said in English: “Come with me.”

A screen grab of the clip shows the man running away from the woman after the attack at Central MTR station. Photo: SCMP

She tried pushing him away while pleading repeatedly in English: “Please don’t hold my arm.”

The live-streamer continued to resist the man’s advances, but he followed her.

Once down the station steps, he forcefully pressed her against a wall, and said: “I’m alone.” And again: “Come with me.”

She repeatedly resisted and cried out: “I’m not alone.”

Concerned live-stream viewers urged her to run and call police. Some internet users who watched the clip later said they would report the incident to police.

The woman tried to protect herself while the man appeared to grab her chest and hold her for about 10 seconds before attempting to kiss her face, then released her and left.

In a state of panic, the woman called out for help as she proceeded towards the MTR station turnstiles, all captured by her camera.

After the incident, the woman travelled to Macau and live-streamed from her hotel on Monday evening. She talked about bruises she sustained in the incident, and that she would return to Hong Kong on Wednesday.

“The bruises became worse actually, he held me too tight,” she said.

The woman said her experience in Hong Kong would not influence any future visits.

“That’s the guy’s fault. It’s not Hong Kong’s fault,” she said while sipping a glass of red wine, adding she would return when the chance came.

She spoke in Korean, English and Mandarin during the live broadcast on Monday evening, which more than 500 people watched.

A police spokesman said the force had taken notice of the online video and attempted to contact the woman for further information.

Police also received reports from the public about the clip.

The Central district crime squad is looking into the case.

Additional reporting by Lars Hamer


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