new video loaded: Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Vow to Resign



Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Vow to Resign

China ousted four Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers from the Legislature Wednesday, prompting the 15 others remaining in the opposition to vow to resign en masse in solidarity.

[talking] Group: “Hong Kong add oil.” Leader: “Together we stand.” Group: “Together we stand.” “In order to fight against the central government, the authoritative government, we stand for the people of Hong Kong. We fight for democracy in the long run. And today, we will resign from opposition because our partners, our colleagues are being disqualified by the central government’s ruthless move.” “We Hong Kongers never give up. Today, my mission as a legislator — to fight for democracy, freedom in the chamber cannot be continued, but I would certainly promise that I would go along if all the people in Hong Kong continue to fight for the core values of Hong Kong: freedom, democracy, justice and fair, and we should never give up.”

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