Graphical enhancements and an expanded audience are brought to bear on 'Horizon Zero Dawn' for PC. — Image courtesy of Guerrilla Games via AFP
Graphical enhancements and an expanded audience are brought to bear on ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ for PC. — Image courtesy of Guerrilla Games via AFP

TOKYO, July 5 — Here’s a date that a lot of PC gamers have been waiting for: acclaimed PlayStation hit Horizon Zero Dawn is arriving on Windows from August 7.

Sony Interactive Entertainment is bringing one of its most critically and commercially successful PlayStation 4 games to PC just a few months before the PlayStation 5 launches.

The adventures of Aloy, a tribal outcast living in a post-post-collapse 31st century Earth.

Machine animals roam the land and humans live in their shadow, hunting them for salvageable goods and, soon enough, coping with increasingly fierce behavioural patterns from these robotic beasts.

Aloy discovers a connection between her and the Old World which exposes her to various competing factions, distinctive environments and increasingly hazardous situations.

Since release, Horizon Zero Dawn has spent its time accumulating numerous awards and taking several sales records, including that for the fastest-selling PS4 game.

Sony’s strategy of re-releasing PlayStation 4 exclusives on PC is expected to result in extra revenue from a title which has already spent over three years in PlayStation territory, and additional interest in the PlayStation 5 in the months leading up to its debut.

Horizon Zero Dawn is to be made available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7.

Sony has confirmed that a direct sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is in development for PlayStation 5 and tracking for release in 2021.

Sony has not yet set a date for the launch of the PlayStation 5 more precise than Holiday 2020, meaning that an October or November launch is planned.

The Complete Edition includes support for ultra-wide monitor resolutions, unlocked frame rates, dynamic foliage, improved reflections, controller and keyboard input support, and various graphics options, as well as late 2017 expansion The Frozen Wilds. — AFP-Relaxnews

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