Horsing around: Malaysian teens trot over to McDonald's drive-through on horses, wait patiently behind car

Would you like some hay with that? 

For these three girls over at Terengganu, Malaysia, they decided that the best way to satisfy their night cravings was to ride their horses to their nearest fast-food joint to pick up some grub.

In a viral TikTok video posted by username Missneoo0 on May 20, the trio can be seen all saddled up and casually riding to a McDonald’s drive-through over at Gong Badak, Terengganu. 

One of them then stopped at a station to place their orders, and the trio then proceeded to a booth to collect their food. 

Passers-by naturally, were left stunned at the sight, and a bemused McDonald’s employee could be seen taking a video of the proceedings as the girls on horseback waited behind a car. 


Membalas kepada @Osman galau nh part 2

♬ bunyi asal – lechi🤍 – lechi🤍

This clearly wasn’t their first rodeo at a drive-through as the video shows one of the girls casually whipping out her wallet to count her money upon approaching the payment booth, confident that she wouldn’t lose control of her horse in the process. 

Netizens were quick to jump onto the bizarreness of the video with plenty of horse-related puns.


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