Hotpot, strawberry fields and free-roaming alpacas: Influencer details stay in caravan accommodation at Cameron Highlands

Imagine this for your next vacation: chilly weather, rolling mountains, and breathtaking scenery. No, we’re not talking about the Swiss Alps; it’s somewhere a little closer to home – Cameron Highlands. 

Did you know that Cameron Highlands offers more than just year-round winter vibes and lush greenery?

Cycling and pilates trainer, Tiong Jia En, took to TikTok to share her 2D1N itinerary in Cameron Highlands.

In her 49-second video, Jia En revealed her unusual accommodation of choice. It’s a rustic caravan, complete with a cosy bed and a bathroom. But the real highlight is the open deck where you can savour sweeping views of the misty surroundings, reminiscent of the Twilight movie.

@iamjiaen 2D1N short trip memory in Cameron Highlands. To think it only takes 3 hours to get here from Singapore!🫰🏻 #weekendtrip #traveltiktok #cameronhighlands #sgtiktok @Stellar GoldenHill Cameron ♬ I Can Feel It v3 – Nick Sena and Danny Echevarria

Moreover, it was in front of such breathtaking views that she and her friend indulged in a hearty alfresco hotpot session in the chilly weather.

Up next on the itinerary was a visit to Raju’s strawberry farm followed by a visit to an animal farm.

Over at the former, they were able to pick out strawberries fresh off the vines and at the latter, they got to interact with cute free-roaming animals like sheep and alpacas.

Shortly after, they embarked on a hike up Floral Park to reach The Views Glass House Cafe. There, they tucked into garden-themed desserts to refuel before continuing their adventure.

FAQs by netizens

The comments section was brimming with questions about everything from transportation to accommodation and planning of the trip..

For instance, one user was curious to know how to get to Cameron Highlands and the details about the accommodation .

To which Jia En replied that she flew to Ipoh then took a two-hour car ride to the caravan. As for the caravan, she mentioned that she booked it directly through Stellar Campsite.

When it came to getting around Cameron Highlands, she opted for a private driver, paying $10 per hour.

Another user was curious about the full breakdown of the trip’s total cost.

Jia En provided a breakdown, stating that for one person, the flight cost $90, accommodation was $300 per night, and visits to the attractions were approximately $29 each.

Transportation costs were estimated to be between $150 to $200.

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